Auditory Verbal Education


The Auditory Verbal Education Center (AVCA) is a not-for-profit hearing center serving adults, children, infants and their families through rehabilitation, education, evaluation, and counseling programs.  This center assists the individual with impaired hearing to optimally develop auditory-verbal communication skills and to be part of the mainstream of our hearing society.

Did you know that deaf children can hear?  Ninety-five percent of all people diagnosed as deaf have some remaining hearing.  AVCA is the only center of its kind in Georgia serving children with hearing impairments through the audio-verbal approach that teaches the child to use that residual hearing.  AVCA serves hearing-impaired children from counties all over Georgia. AVCA does not teach lip-reading or sign language.  With your help, more of Georgia’s children will have a chance to develop to their full potential. By learning to hear, listen and speak intelligibly, deaf children can have available to them the same opportunities as other children in this normal hearing world.

Buck-N-Ear is a sanctioned Major Emphasis Project for all Georgia Kiwanis Clubs.  By using their ears, Georgia Kiwanians help deaf children at AVCA.  For every ear in the Club, the Club donates a minimum of $2.50 ($5 or more per person).  Your donation helps pay for AVCA’s listening sessions for children and helps maintain good hearing management for AVCA children – vital parts of the audio-verbal approach.  Buck-N-Ear is a fast, simple way to help Georgia’s deaf children and to help them succeed in our hearing world.

For additional information concerning these projects or to receive additional information concerning AVCA please contact the current Georgia District Auditory Education Chairperson or the Georgia Kiwanis District Office.