2009-2010 District Goals

Growing the District
  • Build one new club in each Division.
  • Increase membership in the District by 10% net by September 30, 2010. (Current membership is ~7,550)
  • Recruit a Growth Chairperson in each Division.
  • Provide meaningful club meetings to retain those members we currently have.
  • Involve all club members in service projects at least once a quarter.
  • Recognize Kiwanis members who provide exemplary service with awards.
Promoting Leadership
  • Identify the next two Lt. Governor candidates in each Division.
  • Identify future District leadership and prepare them for service.
Sponsoring Service Programs
  • Provide meaningful service projects in all Kiwanis clubs at least once a quarter.
  • Sponsor at least one Service Leadership Program in each club.
...and every Lt. Governor becoming a Distinguished member!

2009-2010 District Vision

Serving our Communities through a serious and sincere effort on the part of all Kiwanians to increase the membership in the Georgia District.
  • Serving our Communities by creating a valuable club experience
  • Serving our Communities through meaningful service projects
  • Serving our Communities through hands on service involving all Kiwanians at least once a quarter
  • Serving our Communities by supporting and sponsoring Leadership Programs
  • Serving our Communities by developing new leaders for all levels.