One of the most important efforts in which Georgia Kiwanians participate is our service leadership programs: Key Clubs in high schools and Circle K in colleges and universities.  They are by far the most successful youth programs of any service or civic organization in the United States.

All Georgia Kiwanis Clubs are strongly encouraged to sponsor one of our service leadership programs.  For clubs that do not sponsor one or more of our service leadership programs, this is an exciting and important way to participate in helping to develop tomorrow’s leaders.  For clubs that currently sponsor one of our youth organizations and would like to make an additional monetary contribution, such contributions will greatly help our sponsored youth.

Beginning with the 2002-2003 year, the scope of the program was expanded by having any funds donated by individual Kiwanians channeled through the Georgia District Kiwanis Foundation. This enabled those contributors to be able to take advantage of the 501c3 status, which allows the donations to be tax deductible.

Georgia Kiwanis Clubs can make contributions based on the number of members as shown on the summary of club contributions page on the last page of this booklet.  Individual Kiwanians should notify their club of direct contributions so that the amounts can be included in their club’s monthly score sheet.

Generally, the District Boards of both Key Club and Circle K have used the funds to pay for student travel and registrations for conferences, conventions, and workshops.